The procedure for microblading

Microblading or an eyebrow tattoo is an artificial makeup where a pigment is inserted on the skin to get fuller brows. Microblading NYC can help you get the desired eyebrow a person wants. First, make an appointment at the nearest clinic and consult with the doctor. The treatment takes a maximum of up to two hours. On arrival at the clinic, the brow artist checks the brows and suggests going for the eyebrow shape according to the eyebrow shape, or the client can tell what they prefer.

A rough sketch is drawn on the clients' eyebrow before microblading. If the clients are satisfied with the brows, it can start with the procedure. The unwanted eyebrow hairs are removed from the brows, and after that, an ointment is applied to numb the skin. Creams are used so that the person does not get hurt while microblading.

The ointment is kept in the skin for like half an hour. After the skin gets numb, the treatment takes place. The brow artist chooses a pigment that suits the skin tone or the natural hair color and makes small strokes, which gives natural-looking brows. The needles used by the microblading NY are fined needles giving a good result. It will take only an hour, and the treatment is done.

The clients are asked to come again for the second microblading session after the skin gets peeled to have a final touch up. The lasting of the eyebrow tattoo depends on a person's lifestyle, skin, and how it's taken care of. Usually, they say it lasts for up to six months, but like said depends on how the person maintains. On finishing the microblading, the clients are not supposed to put any water on the brows for a week, and they should carefully wash the face. After that, they can continue with their regular face care routine.